Sonnedix Atacama Solar starts Ancillary Services verification process with the National Grid Operator in Chile

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4 November, 2021

The Sonnedix Atacama solar PV plant (170MW) has started its verification process with the Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional (CEN) to participate in the Ancillary Services Market in Chile.

The plant, which started operations at the beginning of 2021, is being the first solar Utility power plant to proactively be validating its capabilities to provide short term transient security services (i.e., Fast Frequency Control and Primary Frequency Control) in the world to be considered in the Frequency Control Studies performed annually by the CEN.

The revenues that might come for these services are uncertain yet, because of regulatory status, but we are maintaining a positive result from this technical verification process being held in Sonnedix Atacama.

The plant will also start receiving additional payments for grid voltage regulation starting in March 2022.

With these initiatives we continue our role as social citizens providing a positive impact in Chile, by supporting the country with their goal of eliminating electricity generation from coal by 2040.

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