About Us
We harness the power of the sun

Solar energy's potential to transform daily life drives us to do what we do everyday

It’s what inspires us to build solar plants that endure, to use the most current technologies available to harness the power of the sun, and to work with partners that share our commitment to producing a continuous, reliable and efficient supply of clean energy from the sun.

At Sonnedix we don't just talk about revolutionising the energy industry –
we do it

We are constantly evaluating multiple regulatory regimes at different phases of integration in the rapidly-expanding global solar market to uncover new opportunities to revolutionise the energy industry. And by applying our global diversification approach to spread our portfolio’s risk across projects, countries, and currencies, we’re ensuring that we can continue to do so into the future.

Business Development

We bring our global view and dynamic approach to problem solving to discover, evaluate and de-risk all aspects of potential projects in OECD markets with supportive regulatory regimes. Our role is to work with developers, brokers, relevant permitting bodies, land owners and internal functional teams, among others, to bring projects to a fully-consented, ready-to-build stage.

Project Financing

We organise debt and other non-recourse financing for newly developed or acquired solar projects, as well as optimise financing for the company’s existing project portfolios. Our team is responsible for raising debt and other non-recourse financing at the best possible terms to ensure Sonnedix’s assets fulfill their required cash yields and rate of returns over the long term. In our role, we work closely with lenders, investors and advisors to structure, negotiate, and close financing transactions with the goal of supporting the business efficiently, reliably and profitably by delivering long-term, effective energy services and solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We constantly seek new opportunities to support our growth strategy globally, searching for operating plants in OECD countries that can bring value to our stakeholders. We strive to enhance each project’s value and find creative solutions to deliver it - including revamping activities or a different corporate, tax, and/or financial structure - for optimal results. Our consolidation strategy to bring more volume - of any size from 1 to 100+ MWp, on regulated and purely-merchant assets- to our scalable platform allows a true optimization that benefits the sellers, our internal organization, and the countries in which we operate.

Engineering & Construction

Our team is mainly composed of engineers and project managers with expertise in technical and technological trends, local codes, rules and regulations, as well as overall construction costs in specific regions. Our core role is to manage the construction process of our plants, including choosing a contractor and providing daily on-site supervision. We also work closely with other Sonnedix teams, operating as one to make and implement decisions quickly. For example, we support our Business Development team in choosing land, performing technical due diligence, and design and yield analysis, as well as our Operations & Asset Management team when we finalise the hand over of finished plants

Operations & Asset Management

Once our power plants transition from construction, or via acquisition, to an operating asset, we’re responsible for driving their performance and managing any associated ownership risks to ensure that our solar energy platforms offer more than others. This means we focus on reducing downtime and operating costs, as well as guaranteeing that the site is well maintained with all the necessary upgrades to ensure continued safety and efficiency. Many of our assets are run on a day-to-day basis by external parties, so we are also closely involved in contract management, including looking for opportunities to optimise expenditures and managing any breaches of performance guarantees within our contracts.

Investor Information

Sonnedix Power Holdings Limited (collectively with its subsidiaries, “Sonnedix”) is majority owned by institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, attesting to our company’s stability, value and long-term potential. We aim to grow sustainably and create value by leveraging our prudent capital structure and sponsorship and investing in high-quality assets with predictable cash flows. We are also continuously building and executing upon a pipeline of new projects and M&A opportunities.

Our Group’s parent company is Sonnedix Power Holdings. The Group prepares consolidated accounts under IFRS for this Group. Separately, the Group also prepares consolidated accounts for Sonnedix Italia SpA (Italy), VE Sonnedix Equityco, S.L (Spain), Sonnedix España Equityco, S.L.(Spain) and Sonnedix España Finance 2, S.L.(Spain) — these are available here on our website.

The Group has 4 publicly-listed bonds, which were used to finance assets in the abovementioned groups.

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