Our Offer
Sonnedix Les Mees Solar, France, 2017 (34MW Sonnedix owned of the 140MW estate)

Creating value for our partners and customers.

We build, operate and manage plants in diverse environments around the world, to develop solar energy solutions and services that can power households, businesses and communities around the world. It’s where we focus our expertise and efficiency, to create value for our partners and the customers we supply.

Power Purchase Agreements
Distribution center, US, 2019 (Shutterstock: Dieter Hawlan)

A Sonnedix Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, enables large-scale power users to guarantee a cost-effective, clean supply of electricity generated from solar power.


There are a range of PPA models – offering tenor, pricing and volume options - that can be tailored to best meet your electricity consumption requirements. The benefits are a low carbon, competitively priced solution at a rate secured for years, which can reduce costs, requires no up-front investment and supports CSR and carbon reduction targets.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Sonnedix Valentano Solar PV plant, Italy, 2017

Sonnedix has a 10-year track record of
successfully creating flexible partnerships that work for all parties.


Our speed of execution, project expertise and financial engineering capabilities, coupled with the strength of our investors, underpin our reputation for delivering projects. Our experience spans introducer agreements, pipeline and portfolio acquisitions and joint ventures. As a portfolio owner with a long-term outlook, we see potential at every stage of the development process, and every asset we acquire is quickly integrated and optimized for operational excellence over its entire lifespan.

Sonnedix Oita (39MW) solar PV project (September 2019)

We bring our global view and dynamic approach to problem solving to discover, evaluate and de-risk all aspects of potential projects in OECD markets with supportive regulatory regimes.


We work with developers, brokers, relevant permitting bodies and land owners, among others, to bring projects to a fully-consented, ready-to-build stage. Become one of our partners today.

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