Nourishing biodiversity in South of France   
1 October, 2021

For Sonnedix’s, integrating responsible, forward-thinking corporate policies into their daily business practices is key to achieving sustainable growth. Through a strong commitment to their ESG standards and policies, Sonnedix makes sure their activity allows them to positively impact the people and communities within which they operate their solar PV plants, protecting and enhancing the local environment and its biodiversity.  

Since 2017, Sonnedix has been making environmental follow-ups with The Ligue for the Protection of Birds (LPO) in four of their plants in the south of France with the purpose of protecting the wildlife in the area.  

LPO visits these solar PV plants up to 4 times a year to perform surveys on the kind of fauna and flora they have. Through an installed monitoring protocol on taxa sensitive to environmental changes, LPO then produces and submits a report with their results and providing Sonnedix with a set of initiatives or projects through which the organisation can improve biodiversity in their sites.  

Sonnedix counts today with several protected species at high risk of extinction, threatened, and near threatened, in those four solar PV sites, with around fifteen different bird species, three butterfly species, and two reptile species. The company has carried out different measures to improve the biodiversity on their sites, such as building birdhouses, stone areas, protected areas, vegetation management, and establishing policies to stop the use of chemicals.  

This strong commitment to ESG standards is what drives Sonnedix to its purpose: Powering a bright future.

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