Sonnedix Toul Solar (24 MW), France

Toul-Rosieres played an important role in 1944 as a military airfield for NATO forces at the end of World War II – a role that continued through much of the cold war. The United States forces left the site in 1967, and the airfield was fully decommissioned and returned to civilian land use in 1998.

In 2012, Sonnedix undertook a massive repurposing and cleaning task: 280 buildings of various sizes had to be demolished - 170 of which contained asbestos – and 8000 tonnes of polluted land was responsibly reprocessed. Kilometres of entrenched networks and paved road were also removed from site.

The total area was turned over to create the second largest solar PV installation in France. Sonnedix owns and operates 24MW of the total 115MW production and has been involved in the sustained effort to reintroduce biodiversity to this area, once unusable through asbestos pollution. We have contributed to the introduction of honey plant seedling, birdhouse implementation, the sanctuary of wetlands (an important but diminishing natural habitat for many species) and a wooded area.

Operational Date: July 2012

Type: Ground Fixed)

Capacity: 24 MW

Status: Operational