Axel Thieman, CEO of Sonnedix (centre), and Matei Alexandru, Head of Integration & Optimization

We collaborate with partners as driven as we are to power a bright future by developing renewable energy solutions that are more economical, beneficial and sustainable over time.

Sonnedix builds, operates and manages clean energy projects in diverse environments around the world, powering households, businesses and communities. We focus our expertise and efficiency, to create value for our partners and the customers we supply.

Our Offer

Power Purchase Agreements

Our wide range of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) – offering tenor, pricing and volume options – allows us to meet specific electricity consumption requirements, enabling large-scale power users to guarantee a cost-effective, reliable supply of clean electricity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We seek new opportunities to support our growth strategy – directly or through partners – searching for operating plants that can bring value to our shareholders. We look for “hidden” value in the projects, that could be extracted through revamping activities or a different corporate, tax, and/or financial structure.


We identify, evaluate and de-risk all aspects of potential projects, working with developers, brokers and relevant permitting bodies, land owners, and internal functional teams to bring our projects to aready-to-build stage.

Partner with us

Our Partners

Working with Sonnedix means working with a company that combines industry experience and insight with global scale and a proven track record of success to deliver efficiently, reliably and profitably.


Renewable power is a cost-effective, reliable and versatile distributed generation solution.

Sonnedix delivers subsidy-free renewable energy solutions to clients which are large-scale energy users. We offer tailored, cost-effective power purchase agreements (PPAs), with a range of tenors, price structures and contracts, to deliver your renewable energy needs with excellent customer service.If you are looking to reduce costs, protect your business from volatile energy costs and meet carbon targets, reach out today!

Utilities & Power Companies

Sonnedix develops long-term relationships with recognized electricity trading companies, which share our focus on clients’ needs, to always offer a reliable, competitive priced, guaranteed service.

We support other electricity generators and distributors, to increase the supply, or complement the renewable energy share, of their generation capacity through a variety of flexible structures.


Sonnedix has over a decade track record of successfully creating flexible partnerships that work for all parties.

Our experience spans introducer agreements, pipeline and portfolio acquisitions and joint ventures. As a long-term owner and operator, we look for potential collaboration at every stage of the development process. Our speed of execution, project expertise and financial engineering capabilities underpin our reputation for delivering projects.

Asset Owners

Our exceptional team is highly experienced in the acquisition and innovative financing of renewable energy projects across OECD countries. Once acquired, we rapidly optimize each asset to achieve operational excellence for the long term. Our transparency, efficient decision-making and rapid execution has earned Sonnedix a reputation as a trusted partner for asset owners of all sizes.


Sonnedix works with landowners in a variety of commercial relationships to either purchase sites or offer predictable, long term rental income from renewable project developments – from disused golf courses and former brownfield sites to settings that are difficult to use for other purposes.

In rural settings, our renewable energy plants are perfectly placed for dual use, such as grazing sheep or increasing biodiversity, providing a cost-free solution for landowners. Sonnedix is proud of its reputation as a professional, considerate neighbour, as we develop and operate plants for the long term.


  • Long-term, purpose-driven partnerships to power a bright future
  • Accomplished leaders with a proven track record in successfully delivering renewable plants to the market
  • Financial stability and strength – predictable cash flows. We’re majority owned by institutional investors attesting to our company’s stability, value and long-term potential
  • A flexible, reliable and cost-effective platform capable of taking advantage of myriad opportunities anytime, anywhere
  • Robust pipeline to expand our portfolio, strategically and sustainably, through both acquisitions and organic growth
  • A secure global footprint to continue producing a steady supply of clean energy