Jimmy Hansson
EVP, Global Head of Operations
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Jimmy Hansson joined Sonnedix’s leadership team in 2017 as an Executive Vice President, Global Head of Operations. In his new role at Sonnedix, Jimmy is responsible for all the operating assets within the Sonnedix portfolio from an asset management, operational, commercial and technical perspective.

Originally from Sweden, Jimmy now lives in London. His career spans more than 25 years in the power-generating industry focused on asset management, and he is particularly proud to have brought a more industrialised mindset to the renewable energy space. His experience includes helping to start up a university campus in Sweden focused on the renewables industry and working in the offshore wind industry at UK wind farms like Thanet and Ormonde, both of which are owned by Vattenfall, a Swedish utility. Just prior to joining Sonnedix, Jimmy was the COO at Cubico Sustainable Investments in London.

Jimmy holds an BSc in ‘Power and Heat’ from the University of Lund.

The main reason Jimmy joined Sonnedix was the ability the company offers to make a difference for future generations. To him, the most exciting thing about now being part of the Sonnedix team is that it’s a company that shares his values and vision and is made up of people with strong technical capabilities, from whom he can continue to learn.