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Sonnedix Suwa PV plant, Japan, 2019 (community site visit)

Educating the problem-solvers of tomorrow

By providing educational support focused on the opportunities and challenges presented by renewable energy, we can inspire future generations to overcome the problems of climate change.

That’s why we are developing educational resources for schools, hosting visits to our solar plants and helping the problem-solvers of tomorrow through our Sonnedix Scholar program.

Sonnedix Sustainability Academy

The Sonnedix Sustainability Academy aims to provide lesson plans, worksheets, presentations and other materials to study about solar energy, renewables and climate change.

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We aim to reach 100,000 learners from 2020 to 2023, helping children and young adults learn about issues such as climate change, sustainability and renewable/solar energy, and improving their access to education opportunities, including through partnering with schools.

Our sustainability Academy is open to anyone that wants to learn how we can all together build a bright future.

School Site Visits
Sonnedix Suwa PV plant, Japan 2019

We enjoy welcoming students to visit our solar plants around the world, to show firsthand how a solar power plant works and the benefits of solar power. With green energy sources forming a more consistent part of the curriculum, we are happy to arrange site visits to encourage and support learning.

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Please feel free to get in touch with our ESG team here to discuss if there is a site located near your school which is suitable for you to visit.

Workshops In Schools

If you are unable to visit us on one of our sites but still would like us to support you in teaching about solar energy we are happy to offer workshops for your class or year group where possible.

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If you are interested in one of our team coming to your school to deliver a workshop, please get in touch.

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