Sonnedix Japan Launches Commercial Operation at its Motegi Project

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26 September, 2023

TOKYO, Japan – Sonnedix Japan, on behalf of the Sonnedix Group of companies (Sonnedix Group), today announces that it has completed the development of its Motegi project (“the Project”), located in Motegi town, in the Tochigi Prefecture of the Kanto region. It marks the 24th project to become operational in Japan, further strengthening the company’s presence as a trusted provider of renewable energy in the region.

Now in commercial operation, the 16.4-megawatt project will provide 22,230MWh of clean, affordable, and reliable energy in its first full year of operation, equivalent to powering more than 5,000 Japanese homes and avoiding almost 11,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Project is also aligned with Sonnedix’s mindset to maximise the positive impact of solar on communities and minimise impact on the environment. Built on a former golf course, the ground-mounted PV plant utilises existing retention ponds and drainage systems, reducing the amount of civil works required and making use of already available infrastructure.

Axel Thiemann, CEO of Sonnedix, commented:

“I am pleased to announce the commercial operation of our Motegi project. As the 24th project to become operational in Japan, it brings our total operational capacity in the country to more than 450 megawatts and demonstrates our long-term commitment to the Japanese renewable energy market.

“We remain focused on further establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in Japan, including expanding beyond solar PV, to provide hybrid and bespoke solutions to fit the evolving needs of our customers and help meet decarbonisation goals.”

Sonnedix acquired the Project from Trina Solar Japan Energy in December 2021, and began construction in January 2022, carried out by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. The ground-mounted project includes 540Wp monocrystalline bifacial modules and 3.2MW central inverters.

A 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) commenced in October 2021 with TEPCO Energy. PPAs remain the cornerstone of Sonnedix’s growth strategy, enabling customers to meet renewable energy targets, while at the same time, protecting them from volatile energy costs.

Sonnedix Japan, on behalf of the Sonnedix group of companies (the Sonnedix Group), currently manages a total capacity including projects under construction and development of approximately 500MW.



About Sonnedix

Sonnedix is an international Renewable Energy Producer with over a decade-long trajectory of sustainable growth. Sonnedix develops, builds, and operates renewable energy projects for the long-term, with a focus on providing green, affordable electricity to our customers, and acting as a true social citizen there where it operates.

Sonnedix currently has a total capacity of over 9.5GW, including a development pipeline of more than 6.4GW, across Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, USA, and UK. The company continues to expand its global footprint across OECD countries, through acquisitions and development of renewable energy projects.

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About Sonnedix Japan

Established in 2013, Sonnedix Japan is a developer, asset manager, and operator of mega-solar projects in Japan, and the Japanese operator for investments made by ​the Sonnedix ​Group ( ​At present, Sonnedix Japan has a total capacity of over 500MW, including 24 operational solar PV plants across the country.

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