Our Team is Diverse, Empowered and Visionary
Sonnedix Japan team, Tokyo, 2019

Meet the Sonnedix team

We don’t recruit from one school, one region or one industry – instead, we search for people that have the qualities we believe in: the drive to do what’s right, the ability to be positive, inclusive and flexible, and the boldness to invent new ways of getting things done.

When we find the right people, we empower them to make and implement decisions, because we know that given the tools and freedom to contribute, that’s when people shine their brightest.

Our expansion has been consistent and sustainable… and we’re not done yet. As we continue to expand, the opportunities available to our team continue to expand too.

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Building a bright future…

Our teams come together to give back to the local communities and protect the environment where we operate.


Sonnedix Reaches 300+ Team Members
Madrid team on the office terrace, 2018
Japan team visit to Suwa solar project, 2017
Fundraising run, Tokyo, 2018
UK team's river restoration day, 2018
Madrid team solar plant visit, 2019
Puerto Rico team decorating a home for abused children, 2018
Madrid team at the Talayuela solar PV plant, 2019
Yoga session for Wellbeing Day, UK Office, 2019
Italy team members on a plant visit, 2019
Italy team activity on Away Day, 2019
Hurricane support in Puerto Rico, 2017
Team completing the Milan marathon, 2018
Sonnedix Japan Team on 5th Year Anniversary, 2018
Miami team building homes for the local community, 2017
Miami team serving lunch at community centre, 2018
Colleagues in Puerto Rico, 2018
Madrid team collecting litter in forest near the Talayuela solar PV plant, 2019
The Chile team at the Sonnedix Atacama Solar Groundbreaking
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